Argentina Este será un espacio para la interacción de la comunidad Mozilla de Argentina. Escribiremos en castellano para que podamos entendernos mejor.
Germany Discussions for the Mozilla Germany community.
Indonesia Discussions for the Mozilla Indonesia community
El Salvador Discussions for the Mozilla El Salvador community.
UK Discussions for the UK community.
Switzerland Discussions for the Mozilla Switzerland community.
Paraguay Mozilla Paraguay
North America English speaking Reps and contributors in North America (primarily Canada and the US) should use this sub-category to share, plan and collaborate on Mozilla activities in our regions.
Bangladesh Discussions for the Mozilla Bangladesh community.
Toronto For discussion, info, coordination and planning of events and news relevant to Mozillians in Toronto.
Kenya A place for Kenyan Mozillians to gather, talk and discuss about any general topic around the Mozilla Kenya Community. Please feel free to get in touch with us via
German - Vision Discussions for German - Vision. You can email to to post to this category.
Balkans Discussions for the Balkans community.
Kerala <a href="">Mozilla Kerala</a> is a regional community from the southern part of India that has been active in spreading awareness about web literacy, privacy and the <a href="">mission of Mozilla</a> and the open web to the masses of Kerala.
România Discussions for the Mozilla România community.
Ireland The main hub for the Irish Mozillians to gather, talk and discuss about any <br>general topic around the Mozilla Ireland Community.
Guatemala This is a space for the interaction of the Mozilla community of Guatemala.
Taiwan Discussions for the Mozilla Taiwan community.
Honduras Mozilla Honduras
Chile Discussions for the Mozilla Chile Community.
Arabic Arabic Community gather Arabic, French and English speaking, they are from the Middle East and North Africa, In this sub-category we will share, plan and collaborate on Mozilla activities in our regions.
Philippines This is the place for Pinoy Mozillians to gather, talk and discuss <br>about any general topic around the Mozilla Philippines Community.
Nativo Mozilla Nativo discussions of group reference in #mozilla #nativo #moznativo
India Discussions for the Mozilla India community.
Hungary Discussions of and related to the Hungarian Mozilla Community, events, activities. Language: Hungarian / (English)
Colombia Somos <a href="">MozillaColombia</a>, Mozilleros firmantes del <a href="">Manifiesto Mozilla</a> que comparten el interés en desarrollar la <a href="">misión de Mozilla</a> en Colombia y este es nuestro grupo de discusión pública en la Web en el cual hablamos en español y a lo colombiano.
Tunisia Discussions for Mozilla Tunisia

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